Cancer (June 22 – July 21)

Element: Water

Planet: Moon

Colour: White

Number: 7

Stone: Pearl

The natives of Cancer are hypersensitive and very intuitive. They can be amazed easily. He loves to create; they are very imaginative.

Cancer flourishes in family values. Family and friends are the most important in his life.

In love, Cancer needs to be reassured but it also needs a touch of “wonderful”.

With his intuition, Cancer listens to his feelings first.

People born under the sign of Cancer are often whimsical and susceptible. They avoid conflicts for fear of abandonment. They are constantly looking for harmony and security in their life.

Cancers are understanding and empathic. They never give up.

You must be patient to really discover them. It’s better to avoid rushing them to the risk that they fall back on themselves.

The compatibilities of Cancer:

Cancer and Cancer: Quiet life between them. The family is their priority

Cancer and Taurus: Ideal combination. They love family, loyalty and commitment. On the other hand, they know certain differences, by the practical side of the Taurus in opposition with the dream side of the Cancer

Cancer and Scorpio: It’s a possessive passion! The Scorpio impresses Cancer and the latter reassures the couple. It’s an excellent association … passionate.

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