Challenge Days – Day 3


3rd day of our challenge … Today we learn to keep time for ourselves!

We spend our days running: work, shopping, children and all the daily obligations. We forget almost nothing … except ourselves!

The goal of the day is to give yourself some time even 30 minutes. Meanwhile, think of only one thing … yourself!

Avoid your smartphone to the maximum, move away from emails and all notifications and give yourself a break in your day.

It doesn’t matter when you decide this moment, it can be in the morning (but you have to wake up 30 minutes in advance), during the lunch break, in the afternoon or in the evening when the children are in bed, what is important is to find those 30 minutes!

During this break, just do what makes you happy: relax in the sofa, read a few pages of your book, meditate, go out to get some fresh air, offer yourself a manicure, take a good bath, do a sport session … Anyway, the important thing is to spend time with you. It isn’t selfish, but, you will be more effective in thinking of others!

The benefits of taking time for yourself:

Reduces stress and burnout

Reduces anxiety

Increase concentration the rest of the day (benefit of early wake up)

Improves mood and vitality

Increases the satisfaction of life

Improves self esteem


I’m waiting for your comments, and your ideas how how to take care of you

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