Full Moon 30 November 2020

This Full Moon in Gemini will occur at the same time as a lunar eclipse.

This amplifies all the effects of the Full Moon.  Introspection is more intense, the projects more exciting and the emotions heightened!

The emotional side will be of great intensity: tension, stress and uncertainty for some people, love at first sight (in love or in friendship for other ones).

Routine will no longer be welcome!  Some people will be tempted to send it all off and experience the big change.

The challenge this month is learning to control your emotions and take a step back instead of reacting impulsively.

This Full Moon in Gemini invites us to develop our curiosity and our openness.  It will push us to new paths and provoke unexpected revelations.

The eclipse opens new doors and new opportunities.

This Full Moon will bring dynamism, willpower, fighting spirit and success.  In addition, it will reinforce the good vibes, good morale, optimism and the possibilities of seeing one’s plans succeed.  Communication (oral or written) will be honored.

This Full Moon is beneficial to our professional relationships, our projects, our activities, our finances and our friendships.

Everyone is concerned, but the signs (and ascenders) most affected by this Full Moon in Gemini are Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius, Aries, Leo, Libra.

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